Rubi Ate the Fig is an American Rock Band infused with a Middle-Eastern Color and groove.

Featuring Master musicians from both genres, Rubi Ate The Fig tells the story of the Desert  and with mystical lyrics and exotic sets,  transports the listener to another world.   

“Led Zeppelin and Mahavishnu traveling  through the Desert - stopping to have tea with Grace Slick” 

Sharon Eliashar Rubi Ate The Fig

Sharón Eliashar - Compositions, Vocals, Guitar 

Born in Jerusalem, raised in the low desert of California, ShaRon studied classical composition, ethno-musicology and Middle-Eastern Percussion  SharOn incorporates her study of Middle Eastern rhythms into her western songwriting, writing songs with fluid time changes and a Middle-Eastern groove. Sharoón has spent much time with the Bedouins of the Sinai Desert, a profound source of inspiration for her music and evocative lyrics.


Polly Tapia Ferber - Dumbeq, Frame Drum

Percussionist Polly Tapia Ferber is a music educator, performer, and recording artist who specializes in hand percussion from the Middle East, Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans, and Spanish Andalucia. She is noted for her melodic style of playing on darabukah (middle-eastern drum), frame drum, riqq (middle-eastern tambourine), and cajon (Spanish wooden box-drum).


Danny Montgomery - Drums

Danny is a San Francisco native, living in Spain and working most of the year in Europe. He studied orchestral percussion and composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and has recorded and performed with Percy Sledge, Ray Charles, Billy Paul, Mose Allison, Taj Mahal, Jack Sheldon, Johnette Napolitano and Jerry Harrison.


Kenny Blye - Electric Bass

Kenny Blye is a uniquely creative bass player, having studied with the great Motown Jamie Jamerson. Kenny has toured extensively with theatre productions such as road Grease and Godspell, and has played with Fabian, Nancy Nevins, Sweetwater, King Curtis and many others.

Ali Paris.png

Ali Paris

Ali Paris captivates audiences worldwide with his unique fusion of Middle Eastern and Western music styles highlighted by both technical virtuosity and emotional expression. He plays the Qanun, a rare Middle-Eastern 76-string zither that dates back to the 14th century.