Music and Lyrics by Sharon Eliashar

You see me see you, you want me, you know it’s just a game
I think you’re crazy, you’re crazy, and you think I’m insane
And at the Hafla, we’re dancing, we both fell into heart
I saw your bracelet, your anklet, your necklace fell apart

It was the outside, the nightside, the branches of the moon
You taste my music, I play you, I’m taken in too soon
The earth is digging, she is waiting for a tree that wants to bloom
And in the river, a whisper, our strings will be in tune

The sands were whirling they were screaming like a dervish on the hill
You bring me flowers, you tease me, I ask of you be still
The way I open, I laughter, I offer, I am free
The smallest gesture of kindness is your greatest gift to me

All alone at last        
Eyes touching eyes on the grass
Bathe me with palm oil, sapphire and ruby
Breathe with me Slowly

I want the water, I want raining, I want mud and I want clay
The golden birds were entertaining when the sands rose up that day
I want the sand, I want the sky, I want your mouth when you want me
I want a tiny drop of amber to be placed behind my knee

I want the summer, I want burning, I want hot and I want heat
I want the wind when you are turning, I want amber at my feet
I want the birds when they are flying, the grasses when they sing
I want the rocks when they are resting, the blue of the sea.
And ecstasy

Sharon Eliashar: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Marc Mann: Electric Guitar, Keyboards

Polly Tapia Ferber: Dumbeq

Danny Montgomery: Drums

Kenny Blye: Bass

Ali Paris: Qanun (Middle-Eastern zither)

Adam Good: Oud

with Faisel Zedan on Middle-Eastern Percussion