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Sharon Eliashar• Spring 2022


“With my sword of steel, I come to you 900 strong!” 

Hand hewn stones are no match for chariots of bronze


And the clouds arise

Like my hand 

on your shoulder

The sand.


“They worship me, in my youth I spared no one”

“Exploding steel in flesh, my greatest pleasure has begun”


And the rains fall

On the land

Like my raven hair

in your hand


She gathers myrrh, spikenard, hyssop and sage

She gathers in as the storm begins to rage


They slaughtered them, their blood spilled on the land

The mighty captain fled leaving corpses in the sand


In the desert 

lies a tent

On a shoulder 

of sand


She comes to you, white linen blouse barely sewn

She comforts you, as you are hunted by men of stone.

“If you pleasure me, I will let you in” 

She lay down with him and drove a stake right through his head.


And the sands rose

And the sands fall down

And the sands rose

And the sands fall down, as the earth turns around


Produced by Marc Mann and Sharon Eliashar

Recorded by Rich Mouser - The Mouse House

Mixed by Sharon Eliashar and Rich Mouser

Mastered by robert vosgien


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