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Music and Lyrics by Sharon Eliashar

Produced by Marc Mann and Sharon Eliashar

Rest I will, I find my way, by solace I will go.

With bells of tin I ring my days in the hills of Jericho.

Singing is my only way, the only way I know.

In time, I wait.  I will breath my heart for my fate.

Open the sweetness, I will taste.


If you wanna be inside of you

I'll close the light for you

If you wanna be in secrecy

I'll bless your back to me

If you wanna be riding on a camel to the moon

I'll pack your bag for you

But if you wanna be in love with me...

Then follow sacredly.


Gilgamesh died and the whole town cried

to the sound of the sleeping fig.

From away in a day, they are coming to play

with the singer-man of Terrabin.

“No many people when the mountains came and take away the wind.”

For these fortunes, I will make the sun salt my skin

Open the cistern and begin


Summer will go, and the righteous will know

with the hills I wake to pray.

Gilgamesh screams, "We will bitten by the dream!"

when the blue-garlic trees seed the ceremony sage

Fast we run, we bless the sun for make to us this day.

By fire, by flood, I will lift my faces from the mud,

Open the oneless, I will one.



Sharoón Eliashar: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Marc Mann: Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

Polly Tapia Ferber: Dumbeq, Riq, Tar

Danny Montgomery: Drums

Kenny Blye: Electric Bass

Souren Baronian: Clarinet, Riq

Haig Manoukian: Oud


Music and lyrics by Sharoón Eliashar ©2013

Songs of the Desert Publications

Produced by Sharon Eliashar and Marc Mann

Mixed by Marc Mann

Mastered by Andrew Click

Recorded by Dana Sampson

©2016 Desert Recordings


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