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Music and lyrics by Sharon Eliashar

The silent wave breaks like boulders craving passage to the sea
"Sing to me, with bells and sores on your feet"
Dressed in white, while painting blue on me


Rest inside
Rest in me
The tremor will unveil you
Mystify and reveal
Explore you and exhale you

The silent wave sounds like lotus drinking dew in the moon
I feel the water but I can't hear it
Pressed inside, we are flowers in a book.

Rest inside
Rest in me
The tremor will elate you
Pressurize and release
Destroy you and create you

Rest inside
Rest in me
The tremor will remind you
Who you are, who is real
Inviting me inside you

Sharon Eliashar: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 
Marc Mann: Lead Guitar, Keyboards 
Polly Tapia Ferber: Riq (Middle-Eastern tambourine) 
Kenny Blye: Bass 
Danny Montgomery: Drums 
Ali Paris: Qanun (Middle-Eastern harp) 
Adam Good: Oud

Featuring Souren Baronian on Armenian Duduk (reed flute)


Produced by Marc Mann and Sharon Eliashar

Recorded by Rich Mouser - The Mouse House

Mixed by marc mann

Mastered by robert vosgien


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